One of the things I will be most proud of from my whole college career is setting up a game of tag.

Not just any tag!

Humans vs Zombies.


I Just Need to Post Something

Anything really.

Sacre Coure

Let’s get back on this horse.


I’m not too old for Disneyland, and you’re not too old for Disneyland.

It’s a fun place to walk through crowds, wait in lines, and listen to babies cry.

But it’s also a place you can meet childhood crushes.*

And ride in your dream cars.**

And meet your current crushes.***

Really it’s all about the rides.

One thing I didn’t like was how difficult it was for me to take pictures with my camera. Actually, I didn’t take any pictures with my camera, just my phone.

Whatever, I was too busy having tons of fun to bother.

For more of the same pictures with a lot more words you should check this out.

*Not really my childhood crush.

**They don’t actually let you ride in Lightning McQueen.

***Iron Man, not RDJ.

I’ve Been Doing a Lot of Biking

Not only that, but I found out you can embed Instagram photos.

I won’t just turn this into an Instagram feed with commentary. But it does make things very convenient.

If you’re getting restless for real content, hold tight. Big things are coming.


An Old Post From Another Blog

I figured it was just sitting there collecting dust and it fits with the style of “basically just captions” that this blog follows.

I call it Good Ol’ Berrien Springs:

I’ve been in Berrien Springs all summer while everyone else is going out on their own fun adventures overseas.  But it’s okay, Berrien Springs is amazing.

I’ve seen some wild animals myself.

Gone on some crazy rides.

And I got a GoPro (which can really make anything better).

This is paradise.

It’s a shame not everyone can see Berrien Springs like we do.

(From Summer 2011)

It’s True, I’m in Architecture School

And I spent a lot of time on this.

So be nice.

I also just got Pixelmator. So expect lots of light leaks.

It’s Not That I Like Concert Photography

It’s just that they’re famous.Somebody go give Gungor a listen.

They deserve to be more famous.