Retroactive Blogging and Getting Drenched in Milan

So, this tour ended up being pretty intense, and the lack of fast internet combined with my tiny, incapable computer meant blogging was more of a chore. So I’m going back to where I left off…in Milan.

I’m so sorry Jimen.

We were never supposed to see Milan. We were going to get off our train there and get on a bigger train 30 minutes later to Paris. But apparently our little train didn’t handle earthquakes too well and had to stop. Which meant we arrived in Milan a few hours late…

No big deal, transportation never worked for us so we were used to it.  We spent a few hours in an empty train station until we were able to find a train that left around 24 hours later and a hotel for the night.

A rather nice hotel at that.

So we spent the day in Milan, with zero planning ahead of time, and did quite well for ourselves. Even on such a dreary day.

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m saying, this happened months ago.


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