I Don’t Even Know What to Call This Place

So, the week in…we’ll say Piedmont…may have been the best part of this journey. Every part of Europe has it’s own beauty, but this place stands apart.From the raging rivers to the towering mountains. Every hike we went on gave us something new and always left us breathless. Either because we were out of shape or the views were just so overwhelming.
This was one of the best moments on the trip, traversing the rough terrain to end up at the base of a massive waterfall. And getting soaked.We made walking sticks trendy.

And then we got to the man-made structures. Too much.

I was burnt out after studying architecture all day and sleeping in 8 different beds in 5 weeks and this made me forget all about that. But just so I don’t sound ungrateful, this wasn’t a vacation from a vacation, I was in class most of the time.

And I loved every minute of it.


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