I’m not too old for Disneyland, and you’re not too old for Disneyland.

It’s a fun place to walk through crowds, wait in lines, and listen to babies cry.

But it’s also a place you can meet childhood crushes.*

And ride in your dream cars.**

And meet your current crushes.***

Really it’s all about the rides.

One thing I didn’t like was how difficult it was for me to take pictures with my camera. Actually, I didn’t take any pictures with my camera, just my phone.

Whatever, I was too busy having tons of fun to bother.

For more of the same pictures with a lot more words you should check this out.

*Not really my childhood crush.

**They don’t actually let you ride in Lightning McQueen.

***Iron Man, not RDJ.


Sitting in the Airport

Watching planes go by.

Watching people wait.

Spring Break is here.