I Just Need to Post Something

Anything really.

Sacre Coure

Let’s get back on this horse.


It’s Not That I Like Concert Photography

It’s just that they’re famous.Somebody go give Gungor a listen.

They deserve to be more famous.

Gone to the Coast

This is Sperlonga. It’s a couple hours by train and bus from Rome.It’s a really cool little town on the coast of the Mediterranean that our professor knew of somehow.It was really nice having someone experienced showing us all of the hidden things to see because there’s no way we would have ever found out about this place otherwise.We only spent about six hours in this place but it was one of the few cities that had no assignments involved. Completely on leisure time.Every memory I have of this place is a good memory.


So I hear everyone is trying to be a concert photographer. Might as well take a shot at it.I also hear everyone loves vintage filters.


It’s probably not good to say something like, “my camera was holding me back!” but in my case I think it’s legitimate: My XSi didn’t record video! I took it as a sign that someone offered to buy it around the same time the T4i came out. I also took it as a sign that there are about 500 videos on youtube that teach you how to make a ring light.On a side note, my posts are all mixed up. I don’t even know when I got this.

I Don’t Even Know What to Call This Place

So, the week in…we’ll say Piedmont…may have been the best part of this journey. Every part of Europe has it’s own beauty, but this place stands apart.From the raging rivers to the towering mountains. Every hike we went on gave us something new and always left us breathless. Either because we were out of shape or the views were just so overwhelming.
This was one of the best moments on the trip, traversing the rough terrain to end up at the base of a massive waterfall. And getting soaked.We made walking sticks trendy.

And then we got to the man-made structures. Too much.

I was burnt out after studying architecture all day and sleeping in 8 different beds in 5 weeks and this made me forget all about that. But just so I don’t sound ungrateful, this wasn’t a vacation from a vacation, I was in class most of the time.

And I loved every minute of it.

Confoederatio Helvetica, Too Fast

You know, we spent a lot of time in some of the most amazing and beautiful places in Europe. But there was something too cool about Switzerland.It may have something to do with the scenery.Or that we were able to chill with friendly locals.Maybe it’s because you can go swimming in a cold lake on a hot summer day and be surrounded by huge snowy mountains. For some reason those mountains are blue in Luzern.

Wait, it’s actually because I got to drive in Switzerland. That makes sense.