An Old Post From Another Blog

I figured it was just sitting there collecting dust and it fits with the style of “basically just captions” that this blog follows.

I call it Good Ol’ Berrien Springs:

I’ve been in Berrien Springs all summer while everyone else is going out on their own fun adventures overseas.  But it’s okay, Berrien Springs is amazing.

I’ve seen some wild animals myself.

Gone on some crazy rides.

And I got a GoPro (which can really make anything better).

This is paradise.

It’s a shame not everyone can see Berrien Springs like we do.

(From Summer 2011)


Confoederatio Helvetica, Too Fast

You know, we spent a lot of time in some of the most amazing and beautiful places in Europe. But there was something too cool about Switzerland.It may have something to do with the scenery.Or that we were able to chill with friendly locals.Maybe it’s because you can go swimming in a cold lake on a hot summer day and be surrounded by huge snowy mountains. For some reason those mountains are blue in Luzern.

Wait, it’s actually because I got to drive in Switzerland. That makes sense.

Here’s My First Attempt

This is the first time I’ve tried HDR. I took a few shots to try it out in Europe and this is the result.

I’m mostly happy with how they turned out.